Furniture auctions in our shops

Our sales areas are limited and costs are high. Therefore, no item of furniture in any of our shops may become old. For this reason, we have come up with an idea: for quite some time now you can consistently view other individual antique items of furniture here on alternating weeks – and all this with one additional special feature: all items of furniture on display here are to be sold by auction! This means that every week the price of the items of furniture on offer drops – and indeed considerably! Thus, anyone having trouble finding us at any of our branches to obtain the latest auction information can now do it here.

Moreover, if you are particularly interested in a specific item of furniture (naturally at the current week price), then you should make up your mind and act quickly or calmly wait another week...

PLEASE NOTE: Bids cannot be accepted by telephone or via e-mail, but only by visiting our shop.

There are always 8 to 12 items of furniture on offer for each shop in the permanent furniture auction. You can view a selection of the current items here on the Internet. However, to see the other items ‘live’, you will need to visit our respective sales outlets.